Monday, April 27, 2015

Natural Cleaners

I am extremely sensitive to synthetic fragrances. We used to use Windex as our all purpose cleaner, as soon as I smell it though, I get an instant headache; which usually takes most of the day and a lot of fresh air and water to recover from. I tried making some natural all-purpose cleaners and all of them were complete failures. We ended up buying a few natural all-purpose cleaners from the grocery store and I am so pleased with them. I wanted to share them with you today. 

The first one is by Seventh Generation

I really love this one, it is completely free of fragrances and my favorite part is on the back, it says, " If swallowed, drink plenty of water." It doesn't say anything about calling poison control! :D

It leaves our bathroom sparkling clean and I am so happy with it.

The second one is by Earth Friendly Products

This cleaner contains orange oil, which is really great for cleaning. The ingredients are plant based and I am really pleased with the performance of this cleaner. 

If you are looking for a natural, all-purpose cleaner, I highly recommend both of these. I found them at the grocery store, but Amazon carries them as well. 

What are your favorite natural cleaners?

God Bless! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Our Plant Starts for 2015


Because of our really short growing season here, over the last month or two we've been starting all of our seeds inside to get a jump start on the growing season. Hopefully we'll have everything big and healthy by the time the ground is warm enough to begin planting. I wanted to share with you a few of the plants, herbs and flowers we've started from seed... ;)

Here are some pictures of some wild flowers that'll go in some baskets outside my bedroom window. Last year I had pansies in the baskets and I absolutely loved them. Waking up to a bunch of happy flowers outside my bedroom window just made my day. ;)

Okay, now we got a little carried away with the dahlias and didn't need to plant them this early... We have at least another month before we can plant them outside. ;)

Artichokes are in the front. Honestly, you don't get much off of them and they take up a bit of space, but they are a lot of fun to eat and I enjoy growing them. 

Garlic... I love garlic and its health benefits are incredible! It will stay inside all year. I am planning on doing a post on how to grow garlic indoors all year around. 

...and asparagus, one little, lonely asparagus. We originally planted at least a dozen different  asparagus plants in the pot and so far, only one has made it...

Beets... honestly, beets taste like dirt, however, beet-greens cooked in butter and fresh garlic is really delicious! 

Lavender, I love lavender, especially tea, which I'll also be doing a post on. ;)

Here are our peppers. Red bell peppers, cayenne and habanero...

A whole bunch of herbs and spices. ;) 

And of course, hanging baskets! 

Tomatoes and corn, heirloom of course! 
Lemon cucumbers...

We have sunflowers, zucchini, ginger, kale and turnips started in the house as well. We still need to get some organic non-GMO potato starts. Sugar snap peas, green beans, carrots and parsnips, we'll start in may probably... other than that, that is pretty much what we're growing this summer...  

Our flowers aren't organic, well some of them are, all of our herbs, spices and vegetables are either organic heirloom seeds or non-GMO... 

So, can anyone say green thumb? Every window in our home that gets sunlight is filled with plants. :D

So far we've started everything from seed or bulbs, which I think is pretty neat. 

I'll update you soon with more pictures. 

God Bless!